The historic charm of Rimini resists the passing of time. Walking through its historic centre, you will find yourself among the gigantic marble blocks of the Tiberius Bridge, face to face with the immense Arch of Augustus and in admiration in front of the majestic Malatesta Temple. You will be able to visit the wonderful mosaics of the Surgeon's House in Piazza Ferrari and have a coffee at Piazza Cavour, or take a look at the display windows of Piazza Martiri. Rimini is a dreamy and visionary city, mysterious and creative, all to be discovered.
Verucchio is a village of ancient origins, dating back to Iron Age, when the area was populated by the Etruscans. Here, Villanovan finds have been discovered, including jewellery, weapons and tools of daily life, now displayed in the Archaeological Civic Museum of the village. Verucchio was a fundamental place even during the Malatesta rule, during the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was in this period, in 1449, that its Fortress was built, a fortification dominating from the above the valley all the way to Rimini.
A small town full of charm, just a few kilometres from Rimini, emerging on a hill between the Marecchia River and the Uso River. Here, you will find narrow streets, stairs, small squares and a wall from the 1400's, with the very tall tower dating back to 1386. From Santarcangelo, you can enjoy a splendid view over the surrounding Riviera and you can dine in a number of typical small restaurants, much loved by locals, as well.
The castle of Gradara is famous for the desperate love between Paolo and Francesca, poeticised by Dante in his Inferno. Here you can still admire the drawbridge, the internal courtyard with porch and loggia and the splendid altarpiece of the Madonna with Baby Jesus in majolica ceramics by Andrea della Robbia. A magical and evocative village, which definitely deserves a day visit.
Saludecio and Mondaino
Saludecio is a small centre with noble palaces and houses, a large church and a small museum dedicated to Blessed Amato Ronconi. Its historic centre is enclosed by a city wall and houses the church of Saint Blaise. Mondaino hosts a castle from which you can admire the sea and the mountains of Carpegna, Nerone and Catria. Very famous is its Palio, a medieval and Renaissance tradition that is in program every year during the last days of August.
San Leo
San Leo is located on a cliff, dominated by a fortress built by the Montefeltro family, competing with the Malatesta family. The fortress became a prison during the seventeenth century, in which the count of Cagliostro was imprisoned, segregated to life in this fortification surrounded by magic and mystery. The city cathedral, the Campanaria Tower and the Medici Palace are also very interesting.
San Marino
Perched on top of Mount Titano, more than 700 meters high, the historic centre of San Marino has the unique charm of the oldest republic in the world. Walking between the city walls, you will be able to admire the three medieval towers, the Basilica of the Saint where his rests are kept, the Monastery of Santa Chiara, the gates and the church of San Francesco, the Omerelli town quarter and the Titano square. Lastly, take a walk around Piazza della Libertà, where you can enjoy a breath-taking panoramic terrace near the Public Palace. Then, you will understand why this small Republic near the sea has all this charm.


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